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Francis Cianfrocca: The Economist Who Predicted Obamacare’s Hit to Jobs

HCN PODCAST - Francis Cianfrocca discusses Janet Yellen’s first trip to Capitol Hill as head of the Fed, the economist who predicted CBO’s Obamacare job loss numbers and if we are doomed to become Europe.

Robert Romano: House Republicans Hold Majority, but Democrats Hold Power

BTN PODCAST - The Republican House leadership decided to allow a vote on suspending the debt ceiling until 2015, and the measure barely squeaked through with only 28 votes from House Republicans and overwhelming support from Democrats. The measure was "clean," meaning there were no spending concessions demanded in exchange for allowing the government to keep borrowing money. Robert Romano of Americans for Limited Government says Democrats really control the House even though Republicans have the majority.

Nakonia Hayes: John Saxon and the Math Wars

A retired military man turned math teacher almost singlehandedly started the "math wars" of the 1990s, says Nakonia Hayes. She's a long-time teacher, former principal, and author of John Saxon’s Story: A Genius of Common Sense in Math Education. She joins the podcast to discuss the story of how John Saxon began writing math curriculum, its reception from the math establishment, what fuzzy math is and why it's ineffective, and John Saxon's legacy. Hayes and her book can be found at http://saxonmathwarrior.com/

Steve Stanek: The Disastrous Farm Bill

BTN PODCAST - Heartland Institute Research Fellow Steve Stanek was recently a guest on the Roger Hedgecock Show to discuss the passage of a nearly $1 trillion dollar farm bill.

James Taylor: President Obama and the Keystone XL Pipeline

ECN PODCAST - James M. Taylor was recently a guest on "The Take" with Charles Butler to talk about President Obama's waffling on approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. James said he'd be very surprised if Obama approved the project after this "dithering."

Tevi Troy: What Jefferson Read, Ike Watched and Obama Tweeted - Part 2

FIRE PODCAST - Author Tevi Troy visited The Heartland Institute to talk about his book "What Jefferson Read, Ike Watched and Obama Tweeted." This is part 2 of 2.
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