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Brent Skorup: Spectrum Crunch

ITTN PODCAST - In this "best of," host Jim Lakely talks with Brent Skorup, director of operations and research at the Information Economy Project at the George Mason University School of Law. Skorup is the author of a new paper published by the Mercatus Center titled "Reclaiming Federal Spectrum: Proposals and Recommendations." Skorup and Lakely talk about why government policy is creating a "spectrum crunch" that is affecting everyone with a mobile device, and what to do to solve the problem.

Ed Ring: Municipal Workers Receiving Far More Than Taxpayers Know

FIRE PODCAST - In this "best of", we revisit the shocking amounts taxpayers are spending on municipal workers. When perks including pensions, health insurance, paid vacations, disability insurance, and other forms of compensation are included, many municipal workers in California are receiving triple the compensation typically reported in newspapers and even by the State Controller. Ed Ring of the California Public Policy Center explains.

Karen DeCoster: Businesspeople Starting to Make Motown Their Hometown

BTN PODCAST - After decades of decline, Detroit appears to be on the rise. Lifelong Detroit-area resident Karen DeCoster discusses the reasons many entrepreneurs are deciding Detroit is a good place to be.

Peter Ferrara: Social Security Personal Accounts

BTN PODCAST - In this "best-of" podcast, Peter Ferrara, senior fellow for entitlement and budget policy at The Heartland Institute, discusses his latest policy brief "Social Security Personal Accounts: Prosperity for All."

John Nothdurft and Matthew Glans: Wireless Tax Fairness Act

ITTN PODCAST- In this "best of" podcast, John Nothdurft and Matthew Glans discuss the introduction of the 'wireless tax fairness act' with Heartland's Jim Lakely.

Craig Idso and Willie Soon: Climate Change Reconsidered II - Part 2

ECN PODCAST - In this best of Podcast, we revisit The Heartland Institute's September 17th release of Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science. Later that afternoon, Joseph Bast hosted a podcast featuring Dr. Willie Soon and Dr. Craig Idso, two of the contributors of Climate Change Reconsidered II. This podcast is Part 2.
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