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Principle 3: Minimize residual insurance markets.

State-run markets-of-last-resort should be small and for temporary use only.

Principle 2: Emphasize solvency.

The government's primary role in regulating insurance should be making sure companies can pay their claims.

Interview with Congressman Paul Broun

Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia, a physician and a leading voice on health policy for the Republicans, shares his thoughts on the upcoming summit with the President, Evan Bayh's retirement, and what pro-consumer health reform would look like.

Ten Principles of Property and Casualty Insurance Regulation: Introduction

Why do we need principles of property and casualty insurance regulation?

James G. Lakely interview on G. Gordon Liddy Show

James G. Lakely, managing editor of InfoTech & Telecom News and co-director of the Center on the Digital Economy at The Heartland Institute, was a guest on the nationally syndicated G. Gordon Liddy Show on October 2, 2009. They discussed how FCC regulation of the Internet could threaten our liberty.

EUEC Energy & Environment Expo Wrapup

Heartland Institute Senior Fellow James M. Taylor, managing editor of Environment & Climate News, summarizes the goings-on at the EUEC Environment & Energy Expo in Phoenix earlier this month.
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