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Interview with SNL Financial's Ray Lehmann

In this week's podcast Ray Lehmann, a journalist who covers the insurance industry for SNL Financial, talks with Arin Greenwood about insurance issues relating to the BP oil spill.

Interview with Kelly William Cobb, Americans for Tax Reform

In this week's podcast, Kelly William Cobb, Americans for Tax Reform, speaks with Bruce Edward Walker, managing editor of InfoTech & Telecom News, about the Federal Communications Commission's proposed "third way" to enforce net neutrality regulations on the Internet

Daniel Simmons: EPA and CO2

Daniel Simmons, director of state affairs for the Institute for Energy Research, discusses whether EPA should regulate carbon dioxide.

Richard K. Vedder: Learning Some Lessons from World War II

Economics Professor Richard K. Vedder of Ohio University joins us to discuss "Stimulus by Spending Cuts: Lessons from 1946," an article he recently wrote with Professor Jason E. Taylor of Central Michigan University to explain why sharp cuts in government spending after World War II strengthened the economy and employment ... and why the lessons of 1946 need to be applied today.

Avik Roy: The Health Care Overhaul and the Deficit

So was everything President Barack Obama told us about deficit savings from his health care reform law a lie? Benjamin Domenech talks to Avik Roy, a health care analyst at Monness, Crespi, Hardt & Co. and author of the Apothecary Blog at avikroy.org, about CBO chief Doug Elmendorf's controversial presentation and the White House's response.

A School Reform Model in Sweden? An interview with Lance Izumi of the Pacific Research Institute

School Reform News Managing Editor Ben Boychuk interviews Lance Izumi, director of education studies at the Pacific Research Institute, on the California public education finance lawsuit and how Sweden -- yes, Sweden -- may offer a model for school reform.
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