2009 May Environment & Climate News: Climate Change Conference Rebuts Alarmism

Published May 1, 2009

The May 2009 issue of Environment & Climate News features an extensive wrapup of the wildly successful Second International Conference on Climate Change, held in New York City March 8-10 and hosted by The Heartland Institute.

Also in this issue:

* The Arizona House Environment Committee has approved a bill to bar state environmental officials from participating in the Western Climate Initiative.

* In a surprising blow to environmental activists, Los Angeles voters rejected a ballot initiative that would have required the city to install 400 megawatts of solar panels by 2014.

* The Kentucky state Senate has approved a bill to end a moratorium on new nuclear power facilities in the state.

* Kansas House and Senate leaders are negotiating final language of legislation to prevent the governor’s office from using global warming allegations to justify blocking coal power plant construction in the state.

* The Montana legislature has passed two bills making it easier for utilities to meet the state’s renewable power mandates. The bipartisan support for the bills showed both parties have substantial concerns about the feasibility of achieving the ambitious renewable mandates passed in 2005.