2009 September Environment & Climate News: Falling Temps Confound Alarmists

Published September 1, 2009

The September issue of Environment & Climate News leads with news that global temperatures in 2009 are continuing a nearly decade-long decline, with June readings from NASA satellites showing temperatures below 1980 levels.

Also in this issue:

* A study of northeastern U.S. stream flows indicates the increase in global precipitation in the late twentieth century appears to have been largely benign. Stream flows are showing greatest increases during low-water seasons, with minimal increase in maximum stream flow events.

* Environmental groups advocating for land conservation and protection of endangered species are lining up in opposition to solar energy projects on federal lands, particularly in the Mojave Desert.

* Already responsible for a third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, China, India, and other Asian nations are on pace to generate more than 40 percent by 2030.

* Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast identifies the flaws in Illinois congressman Mark Kirk’s letter explaining his support for the Waxman-Markey bill to restrict carbon dioxide emissions.