2010 August Health Care News (full-text pdf)

Published August 1, 2010

The August issue of Health Care News reports more than 20 states have opted out of the national high-risk pools that are a part of the federal health care overhaul, preferring not to rely on the federal government to run such pools for them.

Also in this issue:

  • American small business owners are concerned they may be adversely affected by provisions of the health care overhaul.
  • If you want big health care subsidies from the federal government, stay single.
  • The new health care regime penalizes many low-wage workers and may force layoffs.
  • Spiraling health care cost increases and growing budget problems have some in Canada pressing for a freeing of the private sector.
  • Sodium standards once applied only to at-risk populations soon will be mandated for all packaged food products.
  • New study finds it’s Medicaid patients, not the uninsured, who use emergency rooms at significantly higher rates than the privately insured.
  • Reporting requirements for small businesses are expected to create new compliance hurdles for entrepreneurs.