2010 February Health Care News (full text PDF)

Published February 1, 2010

The February 2010 issue of Health Care News leads with coverage of the U.S. Senate’s Christmas Eve party-line vote to approve a federal takeover of the country’s health care system … and Sen. Joe Lieberman’s steadfast opposition to that plan.

Also in this issue:

  • Massive cuts in benefits put Tennessee’s health care system in crisis.
  • H1N1 has taught states tough lessons about information flow.
  • Critics are attacking drug company product pricing, but producers cite increased research costs.
  • A new study shows the proposed national health care reform could have dire consequences for states and businesses.
  • Flex spending accounts and HSAs are on Capitol Hill’s target list for elimination.
  • Class-action lawsuit regulations could create a massive rise in health care litigation if some in Washington get their way.