Addressing Black Leadership Concerns

Published April 1, 2003

“I think that black leaders are, in fact, very concerned about representing their constituents. They know that their constituents are in the worst schools in our country. They know that those schools aren’t getting any better. It’s been decades and decades and decades of promises that have not been realized. In the meantime, whole generations of kids are being lost. A lot of black males wind up in prison. … I think they are very deeply concerned about this.

“And while the older generation has an abiding faith in the government to help solve their problems, government has not solved this problem. And I think it’s a short step to recognition that, in this case, choice plans that are controlled by them … would provide their constituents with new educational options. And if existing leaders won’t do that, I think the new younger leaders will.”

Terry M. Moe discussing his book, Schools, Vouchers and the American Public, at The Brookings Institution, June 7, 2001