Al Gore Effect Slams EPA Hearings with Cold Temps

Published July 31, 2014

Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project doomed across-the-nation EPA field hearings yesterday on global warming restrictions. With Gore’ Climate Reality Project putting on global warming stunts outside the hearings, temperatures plummeted in keeping with Mother Nature’s proclivity for visiting frigid weather on Gore whenever he overhypes global warming.

Temperatures plunged into the 50s in Denver, with people showing up for the EPA hearings wearing jackets in mid-summer. In usually sultry Hotlanta (Atlanta), temperatures dipped into the 50s Wednesday morning before topping out in merely the low 80s. In notoriously hot and muggy Washington DC, the thermometer read a cool 70 degrees as hearings began in the nation’s capital. Temperatures nearly sunk into the 40s in Pittsburgh before “recovering” for a high in the low 70s (with a high in the 60s in the suburbs).

Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project showed up at the hearings in trucks proclaiming “I’m Too Hot.” Gore’s paid staffers also attempted to hand out ice cream, but the cool temperatures had people yearning instead for hot chocolate. The climate reality at the various field hearings nevertheless failed to deter Gore’s troops from claiming a hot weather crisis.

“Climate change means our summers are getting too hot,” Gore’s group asserted on its webpage yesterday.

Too bad Mother Nature isn’t listening.