Alarmists Continue to Inject Violence, Hate into Global Warming Debate

Published April 26, 2012

Scientists and public policy analysts were justifiably appalled by Steve Zwick writing in his column last week that firemen should let houses burn down if they are owned or occupied by global warming “denialists.” 

For all the crying by global warming alarmists about the lack of civility in the global warming debate, almost all of the over-the-top vitriol among spokespersons for each point of view emanates from the alarmist crowd. Zwick’s call for skeptics’ houses to burn down is actually mild compared to other prominent alarmists calling for the murder, imprisonment, and execution of skeptics. These violent and hateful statements are made by alarmists on a fairly regular basis, yet the predominantly left-leaning media ignores it. By contrast, when serial name-caller Michael Mann cries “woe is me” because people actually follow the Scientific Method and critique his methods or theories, the media goes on a tear-jerking bender of stories about scientists being under attack. 

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