Alarmists Now Claim They Predicted Record Arctic Ice Growth

Published September 10, 2013

After Arctic sea ice experienced record 60-percent growth in August 2013 compared to August 2012, global warming activists now claim they predicted the expanding polar sea ice.

Writing in the UK Guardian, alarmists John Abraham and Dana Nuccitelli claim global warming alarmists predicted the record growth in Arctic sea ice because even alarmists realized the low amount of summer 2012 sea ice was unlikely to be duplicated in 2013. And all those claims of doom-and-gloom predictions about Arctic sea ice in 2012? They were apparently just figments of our collective imagination.

So when you click on this New York Times article, you really aren’t seeing what you think you see, because global warming alarmists apparently told us last year the 2012 Arctic ice season was unlikely to be repeated in 2013.

According to our collective hallucination in the September 19, 2012 New York Times:

“‘The Arctic is the earth’s air-conditioner,’ said Walt Meier,  a research scientist at the snow and ice center, an agency sponsored by the government. ‘We’re losing that. It’s not just that polar bears might go extinct, or that native communities might have to adapt, which we’re already seeing — there are larger climate effects.'”

“Scientists consider the rapid warming of the region to be a consequence of the human release of greenhouse gases, and they see the melting as an early warning of big changes to come in the rest of the world,” our hallucination of the New York Times added.

“Now, some scientists think the Arctic Ocean could be largely free of summer ice as soon as 2020,” the Times continued, according to our collective hallucination.

“Scientists said Wednesday that the Arctic has become a prime example of the built-in conservatism of their climate forecasts. As dire as their warnings about the long-term consequences of heat-trapping emissions have been, many of them fear they may still be underestimating the speed and severity of the impending changes,” the Times apparently never reported.

Of course, the New York Times is just one of many publications that claimed the low 2012 Arctic ice extent was merely a sign of more melting to come. Each of these articles quoted prominent global warming alarmists – masquerading as climate scientists – in their articles. But apparently none of those articles were written and none of those quotes were ever given.

Because if they did exist, it would prove to be another embarrassing epic fail in the annals of silly and disproven global warming predictions.