Alarmists Straddle the Fence

Published July 9, 2007

Christopher Appelt’s July 2 column is a perfect illustration of the global warming shell game asserted by environmental extremists. After the extremists have incessantly lectured us with unsupported claims that Antarctica is melting, Appelt now claims that too MUCH snow on the continent threatens baby penguins. Just as global warming was blamed for the asserted melting, now global warming is blamed for the asserted surplus snow.

Appelt also makes the unsupported claim that species will be unable to keep up with temperature changes. Tell me, then, why hasn’t the earth experienced mega extinction events at the beginning of the Little Ice Age, the end of the Little Ice Age, during the Medieval Warm Period, during the Roman Climate Optimum, and at the end of the last ice age?

James M. Taylor([email protected]) is senior fellow for environment policy at The Heartland Institute.