America to Ford: Your Electric Trucks Can Drop Dead

Published October 13, 2023
biden ford f150 lightning

Over at the Ace of Spades HQ blog, my favorite, contributor Buck Throckmorton regularly covers the ongoing disaster that is the government-imposed artificial market for EVs. His latest post was today, and it’s hilarious.

Buck notes today that with sales of the F150 Lightning tanking, Ford has now canceled all dealer stock orders for the vehicle. Dealers are stuck with thousands of trucks they cannot sell. As Buck puts it, dealers are “choking on a 97-day supply of Lightnings nationwide with 3,632 for sale.” Ideally, dealers stock a 60-day supply of vehicles they need to sell.

So, as noted above, Ford announced it won’t be sending any more 2023 F150 Lightnings out to dealers. They will remain at the factory for “additional quality checks.” Buck writes:

“Let me translate. What would have been year-model 2023 electric pickups are now going to be year-model 2024 electric pickups (after their “additional quality checks”) so as to ensure that there is not a glut of unsold prior-year model Lightnings in 2024. Don’t misunderstand, there will still be a glut of these unwanted pickups, but at least the dealers will be sitting on a glut of year-model 2024 Lightnings.”

LOL. Be sure to read the whole thing. Buck covers this subject quite a lot because there is always so much nonsense to write about!

Photo: The White House/Flickr