Another Krazy Kardashian Kase

Published July 25, 2012

What is the fascination with frivolous lawsuits against the Kardashians?

In addition to the suits in West Virginia, the three sisters are also being sued in federal court in Tennessee by the friend of a former prison inmate and his client, the inmate.

The suit was brought by Gino Romano, who alleges he is “the personal body guard and agent/best friend/confederate/butler/financial advisor/and landscaper [sic]” for Jonathan Lee Riches, released from prison this spring.

The suit alleges Riches and Kim Kardashian were “boyfriend and girlfriend.” The suit alleges the Kardashians tortured and harassed Riches, supposedly at the Country Music Awards, the Bonnaroo Arts n’ Film Festival, and in the parking lot of a McDonald’s.

“Kim Kardashian begged Riches to use stolen credit cards to finance Kardashian’s wardrobe,” the suit alleges. Riches “shopped illegally at Saks 5th Ave, Bloomingdales, and Target Stores and bought Kim tons of push up bra’s, leg warmers, Dior bags, lip gloss, tampax, and bubble gum. Riches also paid for Kim Kardashian’s breast implants, tummy tucks, and hormone treatments” with a stolen credit card.

Also, in a McDonald’s parking lot, Kim Kardashian spilled a drink on Riches’ head, took Romano’s Whopper with Cheese [actually, this is a Burger King product], and all defendants, driving a Volvo, rammed the plaintiffs’ Aston Martin Db9, causing $22,124.97 in damages.

Source: “Nashville suit seeks to stop Kim Kardashian’s reign of ‘jihad/torture,‘” The City Paper, July 6, 2012 h/t above the law; complaint allegation quotes edited for punctuation and capitalization.