Associated Press Links Early Snowfall to Global Warming

Published November 1, 2011

Global warming alarmists are showing again this morning why poll after poll shows they have lost credibility with the American public. Associated Press writer and prominent global warming alarmist Seth Borenstein has published an article today saying global warming may be to blame for the earliest significant snowfall in New York City history. The weather system that produced the New York City snowfall set dozens of additional records for early snowfall in the eastern United States, and is typical of “freakish weather disasters” being made more common by global warming, writes Borenstein.

It is certainly not unusual for precipitation to fall on the East Coast during the month of October. Nor did the storm that hit the East Coast this past weekend pack a “freakish” amount of moisture. The only thing that made the storm exceptional was that it was cold enough so early in the autumn for the precipitation to fall as snow rather than rain.

Global warming causes cold weather and earlier-than-ever snowfall, according to alarmists like Seth Borenstein. The alarmists say global warming also causes floods, droughts, hurricanes, and tornadoes, even though objective weather data say such events are not becoming more frequent as the planet warms.

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but public polling data consistently show objective facts are mightier than propaganda.