Bad Data Fuels Efforts to Expand SCHIP

Published August 14, 2007

Amy Goodman advocates for SCHIP expansion in “Health care for all kids a no-brainer” (July 25). She believes Michael Moore and Marion Edelman are right, and SCHIP will prevent deaths. Lack of health insurance, however, is not lack of medical care. Emergency care is always available at the approximately 5,000 emergency rooms in the United States that do not require payment.

SCHIP will increase medical service costs, drive out private insurance, and encourage middle-class Americans to go on the dole. The “free lunch, it’s a tobacco tax” argument is a deception. SCHIP expansion means general taxes will go up.

Americans rejected Hillary Care for a reason. They know socialism is a gigantic lie. If you are sick, you want to be in Seattle or any other American city–not Cuba.

John Dale Dunn MD JD ( [email protected]) is an emergency physician and policy advisor to The Heartland Institute, a national nonprofit research and education organization.