Because Blacks Are Taken For Granted by Democrats

Published November 24, 2004

Dear Editor:

In last week’s Newsweek, Donna Brazile acknowledged that President Bush has made a lot happen for black Americans, including the appointment of the first black woman to Secretary of State.

In Chicago, The New Coalition for Economic and Social Change–a national black conservative think tank–has taken off. We address issues like school choice and Social Security reform, two policies likely to benefit blacks more than other racial or ethnic groups.

For years, Democrats have taken the black vote for granted–and it doesn’t look like an end is in sight. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) was quoted as saying, “We’re the Democrats’ most consistent and loyal constituency.”

Thank you, Rep. Cummings. It’s because you take black folks for granted that many of us have begun to understand why Republicans offer us a better bet for the future.

Lee H. Walker
The New Coalition for Economic and Social Change
Chicago, Illinois

Lee H. Walker ([email protected]) is president of The New Coalition for Economic and Social Change, a conservative think tank based in Chicago that focuses on issues affecting black Americans.