Bill Aims to Shake Up Nevada Education Structures

Published June 1, 2009

The Nevada Senate is considering a bill that would significantly change the bureaucratic structure of the state’s education system.

Senate Bill 330, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford (D-Clark), was granted an exemption from an April 21 deadline and now has until May 31 to pass.

The bill would reorganize the Department of Education, revising the duties and descriptions of several offices, including the deputy superintendents. It also would centralize the State Board of Education, eliminating several smaller councils and commissions and transferring their duties to the board.

The measure also would change the way Board of Education members are selected.

Currently, members are elected from 10 districts. The bill proposes to have three members chosen by election, one appointed by the governor, and two appointed by the Legislative Commission, a group of 12 legislators who exercise policymaking and supervising authority over the operations of the Legislative Counsel Bureau. The University of Nevada Board of Regents also would suggest members but would have no final say in their selection.

Jillian Melchior ([email protected]) writes from Michigan.

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