Charting the Climate Change Scare Machine

Published October 7, 2011

Global warming alarmists have recently been circulating a flow-chart of how corporate money allegedly corrupts public opinion on global warming by buying off public policy organizations and other opinion shapers. Australian journalist/writer Joanne Nova presents a flow chart of her own, showing the alarmists are the true giants of money and corruption.

“The money and vested interests on the pro-scare side is vastly larger, more influential, and more powerful than that on the skeptical side,” writes Nova. “Fossil fuel and conservative-think-tanks are competing against most of the world financial houses, the nuclear and renewable energy industry,  large well financed green activists (WWF revenue was $700m last year), not to mention whole government departments, major political parties, universities dependent on government funding, the BBC (there is no debate), the EU, and the entire UN.”

“Despite this highly asymmetrical arrangement, the skeptics are winning simply because they’re more convincing — they have the evidence,” Nova explains. “The other team avoid debate, try to shut down discussion (only their experts count), they imply the audience is too stupid to judge for themselves, and then call everyone who disagrees rude names.”

Joanne Nova’s flow chart of alarmist money can be found at