Citizens to Legislature: “Cut Spending Now!”

Published August 19, 2008

The fact that 80 percent of New York voters agree with Governor Patterson that spending should be cut instead of increasing taxes is very encouraging (August 19, “People’s Choice: Less Spending”). The governor deserves credit for being proactive on the budget problem, and for having the political fortitude to shine a light on such an unpopular reality.

With spending increasing nearly 45 percent over the past five years and a $26.2 billion deficit predicted over the next three years, it is time legislators stop concealing their unquenchable spending habits with detrimental tax increases.

By advancing policy that encourages fiscal discipline and uses free-market solutions, legislators could achieve a result all New York voters can get behind: economic prosperity.

John Nothdurft ([email protected]) is the budget and tax legislative specialist for The Heartland Institute.