Climatology Professor Rebuts Smear on Skeptical Scientist

Published August 15, 2011

University of Delaware professor of climatology David Legates has authored a fantastic article in the Financial Post shining the light on an activist smear campaign against Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics researcher Willie Soon. Soon’s great sin, according to global warming activists, is daring to report that variations in solar output mirror recent global temperature changes. 

“Mr. Soon’s brilliant research into the sun’s role in climate change has helped make millions aware that carbon dioxide’s influence is far less than Mr. Suzuki wants them to think,” reports Legates.

Legates documents how Greenpeace and other global warming activists have misrepresented Soon’s research grants, failed to note the tremendous disparity between funding for global warming alarmists and global warming skeptics, and strong-armed peer-reviewed science journals to blacklist scientists who don’t subscribe to global warming alarmism.

For a concise refutation to claims that skeptical scientists are bought and sold by Big Oil while alarmist scientists are pure as the driven snow, see Legates’ article here