Conference Quotes

Published January 1, 2005

“Stop worrying about whether school choice proposals are radical–worry about whether they are radical enough.”
Clint Bolick, president
Alliance for School Choice

“When legislators try to regulate homeschoolers, it’s like hitting a hornets’ nest.”
Scott Somerville, staff attorney
Home School Legal Defense Association

“[Many children today] are not educated in the basics. Tom Brokaw had it half-right when he said it was the Greatest Generation. It also was the Most Educated Generation.”
Major General Alfred Valenzuela
ret. U.S. Army

“Henry Ford said, ‘You can have any color of car you like as long as it’s black.’ The public schools are the same: ‘You can go to any school you like as long as it’s the one we choose.”
Pierre Jimenez
Jimenez & Associates