Consumer-Directed Health Group Names Board of Directors

Published January 1, 2006

The members of a newly founded advocacy group for consumer-directed health care met in Washington, DC on December 10 to elect its first board of directors. The board of Consumers for Health Care Choices (CHCC) was chosen to lead the new nonprofit organization in its efforts to bring the health care concerns of consumers to federal and state policymakers, employers, providers, and the insurance industry.

“This board is no rubber stamp,” said CHCC founder Greg Scandlen of the 25 men and women chosen from across the United States. “These are all assertive and articulate leaders who have many ideas for shaping this organization and for creating a health care system that responds to the needs and demands of the health care consumer.”

Leaders Seek to Inform

Scandlen added, “With this leadership team, CHCC will have a significant impact on every aspect of the health care system. We intend to confront the policy side, of course, but also to directly empower health care consumers to demand and receive the health care of their choosing. When you get down to it, it is consumers’ money and consumers’ health at stake.”

The board includes people from a wide variety of backgrounds–physicians, lawyers, dentists, academics, and business leaders–from 16 states.

“Under the capable foresight and leadership of Greg Scandlen, and utilizing the enthusiasm and multidisciplinary talents on this board of directors,” said newly elected board member Robert Hamilton, M.D., a retired surgeon in Godfrey, Illinois, “I believe the formation of the CHCC will prove to be a major landmark in the development and promotion of consumer-directed health care and will contribute significantly to the resolution of the nation’s problem of health care financing, while preserving quality and accessibility of health care to its citizens.”

Founder Has Extensive Experience

Consumers for Health Care Choices, founded in September 2005, publishes papers on all aspects of health care reform, as well as a newsletter, Consumer Power Report. It hosts online discussion groups and a speakers bureau that includes a variety of health care experts.

Scandlen is considered one of the nation’s experts on health care financing, insurance regulation, and employee benefits. He testifies frequently before Congress and appears on television shows such as The O’Reilly Factor, NBC Nightly News, and CNN.

Scandlen has worked for several Washington-based think tanks and was president of the Health Benefits Group and founder and executive director of the Council for Affordable Health Insurance. He spent 12 years in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield system, most recently as director of state research at the national association. He is also a contributing editor to Health Care News.

— Susan Konig