Consumer Power Report #134

Published July 2, 2008

I’m keeping this issue fairly short this week since I know you are eager to get out of the office and start enjoying the Fourth of July Weekend.

I actually prefer to call it Independence Day. Too many people forget why we are celebrating the date in all of the excitement over beer and hot dogs and fireworks and sunscreen and sand in their bathing suits.

In fact, it was a day of serious purpose and great courage as the signers took on the most powerful empire in the world and signed their names as traitors to the King of England. How many of us would dare to do the same?

It is ironic, then, that the United Kingdom created its National Health Service on July 5, 1948, the day after American Independence Day. Going from Independence from the Crown in the Colonies, to maximum Dependence on the State in the Mother Country. Quite a journey.

This issue focuses on the National Health Service at age 60. This year it sounds like a lot of Brits are ready to sign a Declaration of Independence from the National Health Service. Let’s see if they are up to the task.


  • The UK’s NHS Turns Sixty