CPAC Shocker: “RepublicEN” Astroturf Group Launches Character Attack on Princeton Physicist

Published March 2, 2020

Dr. Will Happer and Genesis Torres of the CO2 Coalition presented cordial scientific summaries of climate realism. While Alex Bozmowski, Director of Strategy and Operations for a self-professed “conservative” group calling itself “republicEN,” responded by viciously attacking the ethics and character of Happer and Torres.

The “republicEN” vicious character-assassination tactics, while simultaneously advocating for what may easily be the most damaging tax increase in American history, tells us all we need to know about RepublicEN. As the saying goes, by their deeds you shall know them.

Happer opened with a 10-minute presentation explaining how carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. Happer explained that high carbon dioxide levels do not impact human health. He added that higher carbon dioxide levels have been scientifically shown to increase crop yields and global vegetation. CO2’s asserted negative impacts result solely from asserted climate change, yet the evidence shows the balance of impacts from our modestly warming planet has been positive rather than negative.

Torres, an aquatic ecologist, spoke next. In a very affable manner, she explained how the oceans are in no danger of becoming acidic. She noted that aquaculture produces maximum fish production at PH levels between 7.0 and 7.9. Current ocean PH levels are 8.2. Even if atmospheric carbon dioxide levels tripled, ocean PH levels would decline only to 7.8, which is in the ideal PH range.

Neither Happer nor Torres criticized Bozmowski. Agree or disagree with their conclusions, Happer’s and Torres’ presentations were factual and affable.

Enter “republicEN” Bozmowski.

Bosmowski opened with a nasty and unprovoked character assassination. He accused Happer and Torres of “handing out asbestos and cigarettes.” He presented no science himself, while accusing Happer and Torres of violating the Scientific Method. His tone was insulting and condescending throughout.

Ultimately, there are many flaws with the republicEN carbon dioxide tax. Raising taxes certainly is not “conservative” public policy. Regardless, people can have genuine disagreements about scientific evidence and public policy.

Yet, decent people generally default to treating their fellow human beings with courtesy and respect. Occasionally, the heat of political argument may lead us to deviate from such desired behavior, but that should be the exception rather than the rule, especially when discussing differences of opinion with fellow conservatives.

And by their deeds you shall know them. Here is the Director of Strategy and Operations for a group claiming to be conservative and Republican who could not wait, without provocation, to gratuitously attack the character and ethics of scientists Happer and Torres.

Conservative Republicans admire and treat other conservative Republicans with affection and courtesy. Leftists can’t help but treat conservative Republicans with rudeness and hostility – even when the leftists are attempting to masquerade as conservative Republicans.

By their deeds you shall know them. The deeds of republicEN are especially revealing.

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First published at CFACT.