Deep Cyclones Over Central Europe: Increasing or Decreasing?

Published August 14, 2013

Climate models suggest they should be increasing, 110 years of real world data indicate otherwise… Read More

Breeding Cultivars of Rice for a CO2-Enriched and Warmer World (13 Aug 2013)
Rice is one of the world’s most important cereals and has been adapted by breeders to a wide range of environments. The authors of this study examined the growth response of various genotypic variations to elevated atmospheric CO2. The responses ranged from a loss of 11% to a gain of 121%, demonstrating the huge potential to successfully breed rice cultivars that could be made to outperform even the most productive of those already in existence… Read More

Global Climate Model Simulations of Southern South America (13 Aug 2013)
A number of discrepancies are noted by the authors of this paper, which “evaluates a present climate simulation over southern South America performed with the Meteorological Research Institute/Japanese Meteorological Agency (MRI/JMA) high resolution global model”… Read More

To the Brink of Extinction … and Back! (13 Aug 2013)
In the first few years following a catastrophic mass bleaching event in 1998, recovery of the corals on Australia’s Scott Reef was projected to take “decades.” However, within a mere 12 years, the authors of this study report that “coral cover, recruitment, generic diversity, and community structure were again similar to the pre-bleaching years”… Read More

Reducing the Negative Effects of Climate Change on Coral Reefs (14 Aug 2013)
According to the authors of this study, their findings “support the view that local management of nutrient enrichment could reduce the effects of global climate change on coral reefs”… Read More

Last Millennium Climate Simulations Still Falling Short of Reality (14 Aug 2013)
A recent report identifies numerous current model failures, demonstrating once again that current state-of-the-art climate models still have a long ways to go before their projections about the future can be given much credence… Read More

Childhood Asthma: How Is It Impacted by Global Warming? (14 Aug 2013)
During a period of global warming, the diurnal temperature range typically decreases, which tends to lead to a decline in the number of cases of childhood asthma… Read More