Defense Mechanism

Published November 5, 2012

A judge has appointed a lawyer to defend a Georgia pit bull on death row after the dog savagely attacked a young child.

The dog has been classified by county authorities as a “dangerous animal” and will be euthanized unless the owners protest the “dangerous animal” classification. But the owners have given up ownership of the animal.

The lawyer, who is serving without a fee, was appointed “in the interest of justice,” according to the judge. He also will be representing the owner, though county officials contend no lawyer is needed.

The child, five, has had two surgeries and the right side of his face is still paralyzed, so more surgery will take place. His mother said the child is recovering, however.

Source: DeAnn Komanecky, ” Attorney appointed for dog that attacked child,” CBS Local, Sacramento, October 11, 2012