Editorials shouldn’t focus on beliefs

Published August 31, 2011

Published in the Richmond Times-Disptach, August 31, 2011

Editor, Times-Dispatch: 

Regarding your recent editorial “The Mann Act”: It is entirely proper, especially in a period of severe budget pressures, for state officials to seek access to documents that would show whether a state grant recipient is or is not abiding by the terms of the grant.

Instead of allowing its own global-warming beliefs to sway how it views allegations of fraud, The Times-Dispatch should remain focused on the central issue, which is whether state grant recipients are abiding by the terms of their grants.

James M. Taylor
Senior Fellow 
The Heartland Institute

Editor’s note: Climate scientist Michael Mann’s tenure at the University of Virginia ended in 2005; the research projects for which Mann received grants while at U.Va. were all completed by 2006.