Elevated CO2 Enhances the Berry Quality of Sub-Arctic Shrubs

Published January 31, 2013

Just as it does for numerous other foods that sustain mankind and the planet’s many animals, it stimulates the production of antioxidants… Read More

Islands Rimming Pacific Atolls: Their Response to Sea Level Rise (29 Jan 2013)
On 17 October 2009, members of the Maldives’ Cabinet donned scuba gear and used hand signals to conduct business at an underwater meeting that was staged to highlight the purported threat of global warming to the very existence of their country’s nearly 1200 coral islands, where they signed a document calling on all nations of the Earth to reduce their carbon emissions, based solely on climate-alarmist claims that the growing greenhouse effect of anthropogenic CO2 is raising temperatures, melting both glacial and polar ice, and causing seawater to expand, rise and inundate their country’s low-lying islands. But is this contention correct? Are they headed for total submersion?… Read More

Extreme Temperature Events in China’s Three Gorges Area (29 Jan 2013)
In response to an increase in mean global air temperature, the world’s climate alarmists contend there will be more frequent and stronger extremes of various weather phenomena, including what would seem almost assured: more frequent and extreme high temperatures and heat waves. But is this really so?… Read More

Coral-Algal Competition: The Impact of the Presence of Humans (29 Jan 2013)
The global phenomenon of gradually degrading coral reefs need not be so universally associated with ocean acidification and global warming. Mankind’s much more mundane activities may well be the primary cause of the planet-wide degrading of Earth’s coral reefs… Read More

Four Decades of Increasing Monetary Losses from Floods in Spain (30 Jan 2013)
Climate-alarmist fears of more frequent and ferocious floods occurring in a warming world are pretty much laid to rest by the results of this new study, as well as the many similar findings of numerous other studies of real-world flood non-responses to the recent historical warming of the planet, which climate alarmists claim has been unprecedented over the past thousand or more years… Read More

Growth, Calcification and Mortality of Juvenile Mussels Exposed to Ocean Acidification (30 Jan 2013)
Ocean acidification is considered by climate alarmists to be detrimental to nearly all sea creatures; and the early life-stages of these organisms are generally thought to be the most sensitive stages to this environmental change. But juvenile mussels raised in seawater infused with extra CO2 that significantly reduced its pH value below that of their natural habitat appear little troubled, if at all… Read More

Phytoextraction of Radionuclides from Contaminated Soil (30 Jan 2013)
A new experiment provides more lines of evidence that the CO2-triggered hyper-accumulation of Cs “may be developed as a potential useful phytoremediation tool to clean-up soils contaminated with radiocesium,” noting that the technique has “a definite potential to remove more radionuclides from soil” and could act as a low-cost method of phytoextraction… Read More