Emergency Management

Published June 22, 2011

A jury in Philadelphia has awarded $21.4 million in damages to a man whose brain was damaged, allegedly as a result of care at the emergency room of a Philadelphia hospital.

The man arrived at the emergency room with low blood sugar. He received glucose injections until his glucose levels stabilized and was then released to his family. He died later that day.

The defense introduced his medical history, which showed he suffered from schizophrenia, depression, pancreatitis, and alcohol abuse. He had previously been brought to the hospital 11 times for either high or low blood sugar levels. And he did not take his prescribed insulin medication to control his blood sugar levels.

Source: Maxwell S. Kennerly, “Massive Emergency Room Malpractice Award For Noncompliant Patient,” www.litigationandtrial.com [3], June 22, 2011 via overlawyered.com