Energy Plan

Published June 13, 2011

Gov. Chris Christie’s comprehensive energy plan (“Christie signals supports for building N.J. nuclear power plant,” June 7) is laudable for both its impartiality and its realism. The governor understands that politicians are not elected to choose which energy technologies are superior and his plan acknowledges this by working to orderly phase out subsidies while protecting consumers from costly mandates.

His withdrawal from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and his reduction of the renewable energy portfolio standard demonstrate his willingness to make decisions based on what is technologically reasonable and not what is politically popular.

Additionally, his support for the objective assessment of nuclear power within the greater energy portfolio is prudent and in stark contrast to the alarmist mass-decommissioning that has been sweeping through Europe.

Though his plan too quickly dismisses the potential contribution of coal in furthering the nation’s energy security, it does provide a strong framework for economic development and environmental protection.
John Monaghan, legislative specialist, the Heartland Institute, Chicago