Failure to Warm

Published October 22, 2007

At its simplest, the relationship between the solar magnetic field strength and the Earth’s climate is this: lower magnetic field strength means few sunspots, fewer sunspots means less solar wind, less solar wind means more galactic cosmic rays, more galactic cosmic rays means more low level cloud formation, more low level clouds means more sunlight reflected back into space, which in turn means less heating of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere.

Global warming alarmism has been compared to the Y2K scare. I think that a more apposite analogy is the internet bubble on the world’s stockmarkets. In that bubble, tens of thousands of the world’s most intelligent and highly paid people succumbed to a mass hysteria.

That bubble ended in tears, but the current global warming alarmism is causing real suffering, even in the fartherest reaches of darkest Africa, where subsistence farmers are displaced for the planting of carbon offset forests.

I believe that the Lavoisier Society was formed so that we as a group could do what we can to protect the Australian people from the suffering that all our political leaders want to impose upon us for no good reason, while squandering our birthright in the process. We must not resile from that task, nor falter, or fall beside the wayside. For without us, the Australian people have no prospect of being spared the depredations of that perverted science. As I said earlier in this address, we will get no thanks in this life, but Australians as yet ungotten, and unborn, will have cause to thank us.