Finally, Al Gore Gets The Televised Debate He’s Been Avoiding For Years

Published November 14, 2012

Call it the televised debate Al Gore has been avoiding for years. Tonight, as Gore hosts another 24-hour televised snooze-fest, meteorologist Anthony Watts launches WUWT-TV (Watt’s Up With That TV). At the same time Gore drones on and on with character assassinations, straw man arguments and out-of-context weather anecdotes, more than two dozen global warming experts will join Watts discussing the science Al Gore hopes we will overlook. After Gore’s “24 Hours of Climate Reality” last year, Watts demonstrated how Gore faked a “simple experiment” purporting to show how global warming works. Others pointed out many additional scientific flaws in Gore’s show. This year, the scientifically curious will not have to wait for Gore’s show to end before watching some real science. We will have it available in real time. While WUWT-TV will lack some of Gore’s Hollywood gimmickry made available by the endless financial resources of global warming alarmist groups, the studio will have all the elements of a professional television studio. During the 24-hour live event tonight through Thursday, WUWT-TV will conduct live video interviews via Skype online video and will allow global warming experts to present HD PowerPoint presentations to illustrate their points. Experts invited to appear on the show tonight include, among others: •Richard Lindzen –professor of meteorology at MIT •Patrick Michaels – past president of the American Association of State Climatologists •Sebastian Luning – author of The Cold Sun •Ryan Maue – meteorologist and tropical storm specialist •Joe D’Aleo – first Director of Meteorology at The Weather Channel •Steve McIntyre – editor of Gore’s show will make the argument that “dirty energy” creates “dirty weather.” If Gore’s prior Internet television specials are any indication, Gore’s “dirty weather” show tonight will be light on science and heavy on hyperbole. Expect exactly the opposite from WUWT-TV. Al Gore has been ducking debate for years, but he will get one tonight whether he wants one or not. Go to Anthony Watts’ Watts Up With That? website tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern Time and see the science Gore wants us to overlook.