Finally, FINALLY, a Democrat Breaks Lockstep Unity Ranks with the Party

Published March 10, 2017

Give Democrats their due – they don’t deviate from the Party line.  No matter how absurd the things they’re defending are, no matter how insane they look doing it, no matter how much damage they incur in doing it – they do all of it together.  They are the Lemming Party – marching in lockstep off of cliff after cliff.

 At this point, it is inordinately difficult to argue that this all-in uniformity is a winning strategy.  Much has been made of newly ex-president Barack Obama presiding over his Party losing over  1,000 seats up and down the ballot.  But while the man, his awful policies and his utter corruption certainly contributed to this nigh total collapse – he himself was reelected in 2012.  He managed to evade personal electoral culpability.   

 Thus the argument could be made that his fellow Democrats remaining steadfastly loyal to him, his awful policies and his utter corruption – was far and away the bigger contributor to the Party’s national implosion. 

 Lessons un-learned.  The Democrats’ lockstep loyalty to Hillary Clinton, her awful policies and her utter corruption – delivered political neophyte Republican Donald Trump a huge upset Presidential win.  In large part because Trump ran against just this sort of nonsense.  And since Trump’s victory, the Democrats have as one done everything possible to impede We the People’s duly elected President. 

 So to see a crack in the Democrat wall – anywhere in America – is huge news.  For that, we head to New York state.  Where Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is attempting to unilaterally ram through a huge new, impossible-to-attain, exorbitantly-expensive “green energy” mandate – and with it an $7.6 billion tax increase.  And all of that confiscated coin – will go to Cuomo crony Exelon Energy.

 Just how stupid, awful and corrupt is Cuomo’s crony boondoggle?  It has finally broken through the decade-plus, all-for-one-unified Democrat wall of lemming unity.  Meet New York state Senator Tony Avella.  Avella represents the NYC borough of Queens – and he ain’t a fan of Cuomo’s cronyism. 

 Avella wrote 428 words of opposition – for the New York Post.  A publication in which, we have always thought, a Democrat wouldn’t be caught dead.  That’s how bad the Cuomo plan is.  Not only has it broken the Democrats’ unified unanimity – it is driving some Donkeys directly into the arms of Rupert Murdoch.

Many of Avella’s points on Cuomo’s awful plan – are spot on: “(T)he state is adding a surcharge to all utility bills — regardless of whether the person uses gas, oil or a renewable resource, which many people are already paying a premium for.

 “That surcharge, which will also hit businesses and local governments, will bring in an estimated $7.6 billion over the next 12 years. All of the money will go to Exelon, a Chicago-based Fortune 100 company with annual revenues over $34 billion.

 “All so the company can prop up three aging nuclear power plants. That’s not a fair deal for New York taxpayers.

 “And it’s even more one-sided when you consider the fact that the vast majority of New Yorkers aren’t even getting their power from these old nuclear plants. Customers with Con Edison, which powers parts of New York City and Westchester, alone will pay $700 million. So we’re basically paying for something we’ll never use.”

 Now, Avella is still a Democrat – so he subscribes to the fantasy-energy portion of the Cuomo plan: “The subsidies were announced as part of Gov. Cuomo’s Clean Energy Standard, which calls for 50 percent of the state’s energy to be renewable by the year 2030. I strongly support that plan – just not the nuclear bailout that comes along with it.”

 But God bless Avella for opposing Cuomo’s cronyism. 

 Meanwhile, Cuomo should absolutely ponder the following:

 Democrats everywhere remained in lockstep unison for more than a decade.  After more than 1,000 lost elective office seats – and a massive Presidential upset. 

 But Cuomo’s awful, ridiculous, crony-infested “energy” plan – has divided the Party. 

 Which should have Cuomo asking himself: “Just how far from the path have I strayed?”

[Originally Published at Red State]