Five Steps Up to Full School Choice: Table

Published September 1, 1998

Outlines choice options, from no choice (the status quo for most students) to choice including religious schools.

Five Steps Up to Full School Choice
Choice Policy Level of Choice Result Examples
Choice should include religious schools. CHOICE INCLUDING RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS Child attends the public, private, or religious school of his/her choice. Milwaukee and Cleveland (vouchers), Minnesota (tax credits).
Choice should include private schools. CHOICE INCLUDING PRIVATE SCHOOLS Child may choose among public and private schools. Vermont, Maine.
School districts should not have a monopoly over the delivery of public education. CHARTER SCHOOL CHOICE Child may choose to attend the assigned district school or a public charter school. Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, California, and 26 other states, plus the District of Columbia.
Funding should follow the child. INTER-DISTRICT CHOICE Child may choose any public school, either within the home district or outside it. Minnesota, Massachusetts, plus others.
Parents should be allowed to choose schools. INTRA-DISTRICT CHOICE Child may choose to attend any school within the home district. Florida, New York City, plus others, including a limited choice in many individual districts (e.g., Des Plaines District 63 in Illinois).
Educators know best. NO CHOICE Child must attend assigned district school or pay to attend another school. New Jersey, Illinois Township High School District 214 plus many large city and suburban school systems.