FL Voucher Expansion, Defending For-Profits, and More: Friday’s Ed News Roundup

Published February 7, 2014

Friday’s ed news

FLORIDA: The House speaker wants to make the state’s biggest source of tax dollars–the sales tax–available for a voucher expansion.

ALASKA: A Senate committee approves a measure that would amend the state constitution to allow vouchers

SOUTH DAKOTA: The state is the first to reject national science standards

NEW YORK: An anti-charter school mayor is already causing charters to leave New York City

NEW HAMPSHIRE: A packed Common Core hearing gets passionate.

FOR-PROFIT: Why for-profits in education are not automatically evil.

WISCONSIN: A poll finds nearly half of residents know little or nothing about Common Core

MICHIGAN: The state has only saved what it should for teacher pensions twice in the past decade. 

LOUISIANA: Gov. Jindal is discussing changes to the state’s contested teacher tenure reforms


Thursday’s ed news

MISSISSIPPI: An education savings account for special-needs students has passed its Senate and House committees and now awaits a full vote. 

IOWA: Bills to drop Common Core tests and make the standards voluntary have hit the House. 

OHIO: School choice is available to more families this year. 

CALIFORNIA: The teachers union has pledged $3 million for 2014 ballot initiatives.

DATA: Here’s the backstory on controversial data management system inBloom. 

TENNESSEE: Why it’s a bad idea to make college free for everyone.

HIGHER ED: Students and employers think differently about the necessity of hard work and quality of higher education, a poll finds.

CALIFORNIA: The state asks school districts to make employee salaries and benefits public.


Wednesday’s ed news

OHIO: One private, Christian school adapts to vouchers by recruiting needy minority kids.

ALASKA: A hearing on vouchers gets heated and lasts hours.

ARIZONA: What it looks like to pioneer “school choice 2.0.”

PRESCHOOL: The new entitlement. Why the best evidence shows it’s an utter waste.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: At least seven bills to halt or rework Common Core have been filed.

COMPETITION: One of the best K-12 school chains in the world plans to enter private education

DELAWARE: Officials are expanding the education data system to include day care students and pre-kindergartners.

TEXAS: It’s time for the state to follow through on its big talk by introducing school choice.

MAINE: Lawmakers consider creating a statewide online school.

HIGHER ED: The humanities have fallen, and Common Core won’t help. Mary Grabar calls for revolt.

VIRGINIA: The Senate votes to delay A-F grades and state takeovers of failing schools, and to reduce the tests students must take. 


Tuesday’s ed news

NEW MEXICO: A Democratic state senator introduces a bill to reconsider Common Core and withdraw from its tests.

WISCONSIN: Gov. Walker is trying to salvage a bill that would have shunted private voucher schools into the state’s data system.

KENTUCKY: The state is the latest to reject national Common Core testing group PARCC.

VIRGINIA: Personal data for 685 students was compromised when Fairfax schools posted it on their website accidentally. 

VIRGINIA: The House gave preliminary approval to a “Tim Tebow” bill that lets homeschool students join public school sports teams.

INDIANA: Is the state’s $4,700 voucher enough to spark new schools? 

KINDERGARTEN: It’s the new first grade, researchers say

TENNESSEE: Gov. Bill Haslam proposes having taxpayers pay all the costs of community college


Monday’s ed news

SOUTH CAROLINA: A new Parent Trigger bill would have the state take over a school district if a majority of parents demand it.

INDIANA: Why the number of voucher kids who would have gone to private school without a voucher is half what the state has estimated.

SOUTH DAKOTA: The House votes down an attempt to halt Common Core expansion.

SNOW DAYS: See this map of how much snowfall it typically takes to cancel school.  

COURSE CHOICE: How to make the market for single classes work well


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