Galen Institute Takes on Socialized Medicine, Promotes Health Care Choices

Published January 7, 2020

Wherever there is a robust debate about socialized medicine, such as the congressional hearings on Medicare for All proposals, chances are the Galen Institute is front and center.

Galen is a national public policy research organization devoted to creating a vibrant, patient-centered health care sector. Founded 25 years ago by Grace-Marie Turner, Galen facilitates public debate and educates policymakers and the public about ways to support individual freedom, consumer choice, competition, and innovation in health care.

The Galen team has worked tirelessly to promote market-liberating health care policies on Capitol Hill and in the public square. The organization is actively involved in the current debates over surprise medical bills, prescription drug prices, price transparency, and repairing the damage the Affordable Care Act has done to our health care sector and overall economy. Senior Fellows Doug Badger and Brian Blase, both of whom have served as top presidential advisers on health care policy, have written extensively about these and other issues in recent papers for the organization.

Galen’s recent reports include a look at how health insurance premiums have dropped in states that have received permission to shed Obamacare mandates, and an examination of how international drug pricing policies affect prices and access. Another report (see story on page 8) shows Medicaid expansion has led to an increase in ineligible enrollees.

Turner is a health care policy powerhouse. She worked for years as a health care policy analyst in the private sector, was the executive director of the National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform, and served on the National Advisory Board for the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality and commissions on long term care and Medicaid.

Creating a Policy Powerhouse

In addition to its research and educational work, Galen is the force behind the Health Policy Consensus Group, where Turner facilitates regular discussions with more than 100 conservative leaders and groups to develop a new generation of health care reform. From this input, Galen developed a bold new plan called Health Care Choices.

The idea behind the proposal is to devolve control away from Washington, D.C. to the states and ultimately to individuals. The plan would expand health care choices, lower insurance premiums by up to one-third, and broaden the menu of health insurance and health care options through competition and innovation. Importantly, it would refocus subsidies on those who need them most and ensure that every American can choose a private health care plan.

Spotlighting Reform

Turner testified before Congress four times in 2019, arguing forcefully against Medicare for All. She and her colleagues speak around the country on a range of health care policy issues, appear regularly as commentators on television, and are widely published in The Wall Street JournalNew York Times, National Review, and dozens of other media outlets.

In 2020, the Galen Institute will continue to address the great threat of socialized medicine by promoting its market-driven policy ideas and expanding its influence and outreach in the health care arena. As the 2020 presidential election goes into full swing and health care takes the spotlight, the Galen Institute will be a prominent contributor to the debate.