Global Warming Hoax, Best Document Ever

Published June 13, 2017

This documentary covers the global warming scare promoting abandoning the Earth’s vast store of coal, oil, and natural gas over false claims carbon dioxide causes catastrophic global warming (climate change).  The documentary is 72 minutes long which challenges people’s attention.

However, the consequences of the alarmist’s activities for the health of the planet demand citizen’s devote this much time in order to stop this movement that wants to ruin the U. S. economy and keep poor nations in perpetual poverty.

One item left out of the documentary is a comparison of computer modeling predicted atmospheric temperatures with experimental data obtained by satellites and radiosonde (balloons).  The following graphs are in the published literature.

                                Predicted Greenhouse Gas Signature                                 

This is where computer models predict we would see global warming if carbon dioxide gases were the cause
Source:  Assessment Report 4, IPCC 2007, Chap. 9, p.675

The Absent Fingerprint of Anthropogenic Greenhouse Warming

Altitude-vs.-latitude plot of observed relative warming rates in the satellite era. The greater rate of warming in the tropical mid-troposphere that is projected by general-circulation models is absent in this and all other observational datasets, whether satellite or radiosonde. Altitude units are hPa (left) and km (right). Source: Hadley Centre for Forecasting (HadAT,

As seen, computer models have no agreement with experimental data which means policies should not be based on modeling predictions.

My estimate is the global warming scare cost U. S. tax payers as much as $2 trillion during the eight-year tenure of the Obama Administration.

Watch this video, save it for future reference, and pass this on to your friends.

Vigilance and quick and strong action needs to be taken by America’s citizens.