Global Warming Is Still Benefiting Africa

Published December 20, 2012

Michel Nasibu, an advisor in the International Development Advisory Section of KPMG East Africa, attempted this week to salvage his claims that global warming is devastating the African continent after I debunked his initial claims in an October article. As was the case with Nasibu’s October column, I empathize with his global warming fears, but once again the facts contradict his assertions.

In his October column, Nasibu asserted that global warming is drying up the African continent, causing expanding deserts and reduced crop production. In response, I presented powerful evidence that African deserts are actually shrinking, soil moisture is improving, and crop production is dramatically increasing.

Nasibu now follows up by citing three articles that he claims show “the continent is drying up at an alarming rate.” The three articles, however, show no such thing. The articles, instead, highlight the difference between global warming “alarmists” presenting out-of-context anecdotes and speculative predictions versus global wraming “skeptics” deferring to hard, objective, real-world scientific evidence.

I present the flaws in Nasibu’s citations and the case for scientific realism in my weekly column, available here.