Good Enough for Government Work

Published May 5, 2012

An Australian woman injured while having sex in a hotel room while on a business trip is entitled to workers’ compensation, after a judge ruled the injury occurred during the “course of [her] employment” for the Australian government.

“If the applicant had been injured while playing a game of cards in her motel room she would be entitled to compensation,” the judge ruled. Having sex is just another “lawful recreational activity.”

A glass wall light fell, injuring her face, and she also suffered psychological injuries.

Her male friend said they were “going hard” when the lamp fell, but he didn’t know exactly what happened. “I think she was on her back when it happened but I was not paying attention because we are [sic] rolling around.”

Source: “Worker injured during sex gets compensation payout,”, April 19, 2012 h/t Jonathan Turley