GOP VP Candidate Mike Pence Praises The Heartland Institute

Published July 20, 2016

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s pick for vice president, is a long-time friend and admirer of The Heartland Institute. He was kind enough to record a brief tribute to Heartland for our 25th Anniversary Benefit Dinner in 2009 when he was a member of Congress.

We are honored that he took the time to publicly share his praise for us. Watch the video here, and read the transcript below.

“I’m Mike Pence. I’m a congressman from Indiana, and I’m honored to be able to join you all, at least by video, at the 25th Anniversary Benefit Dinner for The Heartland Institute – an organization I have admired and followed for years.

“The Heartland Institute is the very picture of American innovation. The institute’s rapid growth in size and stature is a testament to its founder, David Padden, now chairman emeritus, and his first employee, my friend, Joseph Bast, now the president. They played an integral part in building one of the most important voices in the national public policy debate.

“So, to Joseph Bast and to all who are gathered tonight: heart-felt congratulations to The Heartland Institute. Here’s to many more years of helping to guide this nation’s debate, and those of us who have the privilege of serving here in Washington, DC.”