Gore: Reduce African Women’s Fertility to Limit Global Warming

Published January 28, 2014

Global warming activist Al Gore told the World Economic Forum “making fertility management ubiquitously available” is key to the future of civilization and efforts to limit global warming. Gore said such efforts to manage African women’s fertility were important in his desire to reduce the growth of human population.

Gore complained there will be more Africans than either Chinese or Indians by mid-century and more Africans than Chinese and Indians combined by the end of the century.

A common refrain among environmental activists is that increasing human population is harmful and there should be less people on the planet. In furtherance of this goal, some environmental activists have praised China’s “one child” policy even as it encourages infanticide, especially against female babies.

Gore freely acknowledges in his 2006 movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” that he no longer believes in democracy because democratic decisions have not comported with his global warming alarmism.

“I used to believe in democracy,” said Gore near the end of his movie, after complaining about the forces he believes have united to block global warming activism.