Governor’s Drug Scheme Isn’t Working

Published March 27, 2005

When will the governor admit his illegal drug importation scheme isn’t working as promised? CanaRx, one of the suppliers for the I-Save-Rx program, admitted on March 9 that they are getting drug shipments from countries all over the world to fill orders for Illinois residents, contrary to initial promises that these drugs would be safe because they were only coming from Canada, Ireland, and a few other approved countries.

Now the Blagojevich administration is meeting to address what they call “challenges” to the I-Save-Rx program, such as a private program sponsored by drug companies that helps people get free or reduced price prescription drugs.

More than 230,000 have contacted the private program, Rx for Illinois, compared to barely 4,800 in five states for Gov. Blagojevich’s plan.

Rx for Illinois is only a challenge to the governor if the goal of his plan is to get political credit and media attention.

If the goal is better access to prescription drugs for Illinois citizens, Blagojevich should declare victory for getting the drug companies to better publicize their free and reduced price programs, shut down I-Save-Rx, quit wasting taxpayer dollars, and stop endangering citizens’ health while playing politics.

Sean Parnell
Chicago, IL
phone 312/377-4000
[email protected]

Sean Parnell ([email protected]) is vice president for The Heartland Institute.