Green Wrecking Balls

Published August 5, 2021

Greens say they love trees.

However, their policies destroy ridge-line forests to make room for subsidized bird-chopping wind turbines with their clear-felled spider webs of roads and transmission lines.

They also encourage fierce forest firestorms by preventing the protective patchwork of the many small fires once lit by aboriginals and pastoralists.  We have a choice: many small fires or a few huge wildfires.  Greens have also forced foresters out of the forests, thus removing their practical forest conservation.

Green agendas have also resulted in clearing forests to feed distant power stations with “green” wood pellets and to make room for biofuel plantations.  The solar panels they subsidize are smothering grasslands and farms with landscapes of sun-stealing plastic shades (made in China).  And where they use mirrors to focus solar heat, birds get roasted on the wing.


Not content with destroying forests and farmland with the plastic, steel, and concrete clutter of the green energy twins, turbines and panels are now wearing out and loading landfills with un-degradable plastic waste.  Not green at all.

Once Australia had cheap reliable electricity powered by coal and hydro, but Green Wrecking Balls are destroying coal power in favor of those unreliable and intermittent energy twins, wind and solar.  This has made electricity expensive and unreliable, with zero measurable benefit for the climate.

After their destructive war on coal, the Green Wrecking Balls are now taking aim at cattle.

Green wreckers are also destroying Australia’s water security and flood mitigation by opposing new dams and weirs and by wasting stored water on “environmental flows.”  Droughts and floods will come again.

More Green Wrecking Balls have shredded the reputations of once trusted organizations like CSIRO, ABC, and most universities.  And they green-wash our kids at every opportunity.  People increasingly doubt the constant dirge of climate alarmism from these Green Cuckoos bred in their cozy taxpayer-funded nests.

Finally, Green educators have corroded standards in math, science, and engineering, replacing hard data and analysis with manipulated models and green fables.

There is a green agenda, but it’s more about world government than about the environment.  It is time to start wrecking the Green Wrecking Balls.

[Originally posted on American Thinker]