Greener Future Unlikely

Published July 16, 2007

The title of the Times’ July 11 article, “Crist unveils greener future,” is quite ironic. Carbon dioxide is essential to plant life, and reducing it certainly will not make for a “greener” planet.

Wind, solar, and nuclear power are substantially more expensive than conventional power sources. If you don’t like energy prices now, wait until we see our energy bills after Crist signs his executive order requiring energy sources, like solar power, that are four times more expensive than conventional energy sources.

Moreover, isn’t the legislature the proper source of new laws rather than the governor?

In Jeb Bush, we had a governor in the common-sense, limited-government mold of Ronald Reagan. In Charlie Crist, we have a governor in the mold of Reagan’s successor, George Bush (the first), who abandoned the philosophy of his popular mentor and tried to liberalize the party. Gov. Crist would be wise to take note of George Bush’s fate–one term, and no re-election.

James M. Taylor ([email protected]) is senior fellow for environment policy at The Heartland Institute.