Greg Forster: The Research Conclusively Supports School Vouchers

Published May 2, 2013

School choice opponents frequently claim vouchers don’t improve recipients’ academics, hurt public schools, cost taxpayers, increase segregation, and even reduce civic unity. A new report reviewing the highest-quality research on all these topics concludes the opposite is true.

Greg Forster is a senior fellow at the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, and a contributor to Jay Greene’s widely-read education reform-pop culture blog. He joins the podcast to talk about the research on school choice, how to judge if research is sound, why people continue to claim school choice is harmful despite the evidence, and how allowing people freedom of association increases their civic engagement and respect for others’ rights. You can read Forster’s research here: “A Win-Win Solution: The Empirical Evidence on School Choice.”

Image by Brett Renfer.