Heartland Director Authors Walking Tour of Chicago Loop

Published April 28, 2004

Jim Johnston—a founding donor to The Heartland Institute and charter member of its Board of Directors—has prepared a “free-market walking tour” of downtown Chicago.

“Chicago is the scene of some very important institutions that have had a large impact on the world and contain important lessons for the future,” explains Johnston. “Other guides cover much of that history in an admirable way.

“However, what tends to be left out are the present-day market institutions and the economic history, specifically the free-market history.”

Johnston’s tour—a “preliminary edition” of which was printed by Heartland in April and appears on its Web site—highlights sites along the Chicago River, including the site of the 1915 Eastland capsizing; the “L” and North Shore Railroad; Chicago’s tunnel system; the Harrison Street power station; and more—including the LaSalle Street headquarters of The Heartland Institute, of course!