Heartland Institute’s UN Climate Conference Rebuttal Begins at 8 AM ET

Published December 4, 2018

When people fear the truth, they try to silence it. They vilify and attempt to marginalize those who tell the truth. Today, in Katowice, Poland, The Heartland Institute will tell the truth to the global elites gathering at the United Nations’ COP24 climate meeting. You are invited to watch a livestream at 8:00 am Eastern Standard Time of The Heartland Institute’s Climate Science and Policy Briefing at COP24.

The Heartland Institute event will feature a panel of scientists and policy experts presenting the truth that humans are not creating a climate crisis. The event will feature unveiling of Climate Change Reconsidered II: Fossil Fuels, a publication of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC). Over 100 scientists contributed to the nearly 700-page volume documenting how fossil fuels have provided spectacular net benefits to human health, human welfare, human living standards, and the global environment.

In 2009, NIPCC published its first comprehensive publication, Climate Change Reconsidered. Since 2009, NIPCC has published 14 reports on climate change and related issues. The reports feature thousands of pages of scientific material citing thousands of objective data sources and peer-reviewed studies. The establishment media and the global government elites have done everything in their power to silence the scientists and sweep under the rug the scientific evidence contradicting their false narrative that humans are creating a global warming crisis. But the scientific evidence is powerful, and that evidence will ultimately thwart the efforts of the global socialists and the global elites to use climate totalitarianism as a means to stomp out political populism and individual liberty.

Be sure to watch the livestream of The Heartland Institute’s Climate Science and Policy Briefing at COP24. If you miss the livestream, you will still be able to watch the briefing on archived video.