Heartland Misrepresented

Published July 26, 2006

Dear Editor:

Eric Schlosser severely misrepresents my organization, The Heartland Institute, in his interview with Robin Schatz [“Q&A: Trying to Enlighten Kids on the Perils of Fast-Food,” July 26].

The Heartland Institute was started 22 years ago by a group of small business owners in Chicago. Its annual budget of $3.2 million comes almost entirely from charitable contributions from 1,400 donors and some 3,200 subscribers. No corporation gives more than 5 percent of its budget.

Despite these facts, Schlosser calls Heartland an “AstroTurf” group and “fake grass-roots” organization. There’s nothing fake about us.

Schlosser’s authenticity, however, is in doubt. He’s attacking us in interviews and essays because he disagrees with the negative review his book received from our distinguished scientist director, Dr. Jay Lehr. Instead of rebutting Lehr’s facts and ideas, Schlosser makes false and defamatory accusations about the organization Lehr works for.

Schlossser ought to chew on that.


Joseph L. Bast
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